Asmirandah Opens Up Reasons for Changing Religions, While Crying

Asmirandah was publicly blasphemed for converting to religion. Eight years after marrying Jonas Rivanno, the actress who is familiarly called Andah dares to be outspoken about her experience of changing religions. Sejarah radio dan televisi

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This was revealed by Andah when he appeared on the Daniel Mananta Network YouTube channel. Together with her husband, she testified that her heart was initially touched when she chose to become a Christian.

According to him, he changed religion because he felt called by God. He felt the great power of God who had chosen him. Siaran radio

“I didn’t choose God, the Lord Jesus chose me. The holy spirit that is inside of me really exists. It’s hard to explain, how big God is in my life, how God touched me is really hard to tell people. I feel it. Even Vanno may not be able to feel it,” said Asmirandah while holding back tears.

At that time, Andah felt he had the right to choose his belief because he was already 17 years old at that time.

“I chose my belief, it was my right. And at that time I was already over 17 years old. And it was indeed my right to choose and no one person should have ‘you can’t choose that’, it doesn’t exist,” added you. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

The mother of one also emphasized that she became a follower of Christ not because she married Vanno. Even during courtship, the husband never discussed or forced matters of religion.

“And when I really chose it, people might see it ‘you are married to Vanno’. But he (Vanno) never discussed religion with me. My choice was really from the bottom of my heart. A lot of insults what happened, I just said ‘yes, this is my choice’,” he concluded. Acara televisi

Jonas Rivanno added that he never asked Andah to be baptized. You yourself asked to be baptized.

“When Andah was baptized, I didn’t know he asked for it. He asked first to be baptized. During my courtship I never talked about faith, I never even played a spiritual song, never,” said Vanno.

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