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Nagita Slavina’s second child towel and Raffi Ahmad highlighted netizens, the price was unexpected

Born as the second child of the artist’s pair Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad, Baby R who was newborn today has stolen the attention of the general public including netizens in the virtual universe of course. Sejarah radio dan televisi

Like the style of the mother’s appearance which is always highlighted and a lot of popularity. Only a few hours old, the outfit inherent in the body of Baby R has become a netizen spotlight. Siaran radio

In the photo uploaded by Raffi Ahmad, through his personal Instagram account. It looked Raffi held hugging Baby R whose tiny body was enveloped with green towels.

Citing Instagram Accounts, “Fashion_Nagitaslavina”, Friday (26/11/2021) The towel used by Baby R is a baby hooded towel, one of the special Palmerhaus products specialized baby and child product lines, Little Palmerhaus.

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From the statements listed, on the Palmerhaus official website, this type of hooded towel has been sold sold out aka sold out.

Then how much is the price? Well, from the monitoring of MNC Portal Indonesia. When viewed in one e-commerce, this baby r towel turns out to be cheap! Only priced at a price below Rp. 200,000. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

One of the online merchants, selling one piece of baby hooded towel just like this belongs to Baby R only cost Rp161,000.

The price of ‘Sultan’ children’s towers, which turned out to be affordable, made the fans of the Raffi-Nagita family become excited, because they could buy it without making a hubborn bag. Acara televisi

“Alhamdulillah, there are some sebrand with mama teeth,” write the Ikamudri account

“Affordable mothers, let’s hurry on Market Place,” Write a netizen account owner named Shivaanin

“It is the top, the price is friendly,” wrote a LULYSHU account

“Finally it can be with Baby Sultan,” write a risk account.

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Feeling cheated, Aunt Andriansyah’s father is angry with Doddy Sudrajat

Faisal, the father of the late Aunt Andriansyah, was furious and cursed his mother, Doddy Sudrajat. Faisal admitted that he was upset because he felt that Doddy was playing with the rights of Gala Sky’s guardian Andriansyah, Vanessa and Bibi’s only son. Sejarah radio dan televisi

The reason is that Doddy is now questioning custody, even trying to apply for guardianship rights to the court. In fact, according to Faisal, initially Doddy had agreed that Gala Sky’s guardianship would be given to Bibi’s family.

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“Well my emotions. Who doesn’t get emotional?” Faisal told reporters recently.

Faisal feels cheated by Doddy Sudrajat. Because after asking for a signature for the disbursement of Vanessa Angel’s death insurance, Doddy Sudrajat changed his mind instead. Siaran radio

“Do you feel cheated? I said, why is that, Mr. Doddy. Yesterday Mr. Doddy acc. to guardianship. Why do you want guardianship now. So what is this called? I am tired of this, Mr. Doddy. I am stressed, my favorite child, my precious child is gone,” said Faisal imitating his conversation with Dody Sudrajat.

Faisal was tired, especially when he found out that Dody Sudrajat had secretly submitted a guardian’s right to the Gala Sky to the court.

“Please, Mr. Doddy, I am tired. This is me trying to help my son and Mr. Doddy’s son. If I don’t speak from the start, I will not be tired of going to court,” said Faisal.

However, Faisal denied that he had cursed Dody Sudrajat. He emphasized that at that time he was angry because he felt that Doddy Sudrajat had cheated.

“We both think. He has won. I feel cheated. He lied. So what can I say. I don’t curse at him. I have signed. Actually if I wanted to tear the signature paper, I would I can. Because my head is hot, I don’t want to go too far, “explained Faisal passionately. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Faisal emphasized that he had no problem with Dody Sudrajat wanting to disburse Vanessa’s deceased insurance, which was in his name.

“I don’t have a problem (about insurance). But after signing, he wants guardianship. Does that mean Mr. Doddy wants everything, right? If he could afford it, there’s been a lot of (bad news about Doddy Sudrajat) so far, how do I hand over my grandson to him,” concluded Faisal. Acara televisi

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Revealed the figure of Zakry Sulisto, husband of Velove Vexia, a wealthy businessman from Aceh

Suami Velove Vexia (instagram)

The beautiful actress Velove Vexia recently announced her marriage to the man she loves. She uploaded an intimate photo with her husband on her personal Instagram account on Tuesday (23/11/2021). Sejarah radio dan televisi

Artists and netizens flocked to congratulate Velove’s wedding.

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The netizens also wondered about the lucky man who became Velove Vexia’s husband. His figure that does not show his face clearly in the photo makes netizens curious.

Launching from various sources, it is known that the figure of Velove Vexia’s husband is Zakry Sulisto. Check out some interesting information about the following Velove husband. Siaran radio

1 Nephew Suryo B. Sulisto

Zakry Sulisto is suspected to be the nephew of the Commissioner of PT Bumi Resources, Suryo B Sulisto. Based on information from various sources, the kinship is known because racer Imam Sulisto has uploaded several intimate moments of Velove with Zakry and his family.

The figure of Suryo B Sulisto is someone whose name is quite well known in the national arena. He has the position of President Commissioner of PT. Bumi Resources since May 2012.

He also founded the Satmarindo Group and became Chairman of the Honorary Board of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) for the 2015-2020 term. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

2 successful entrepreneurs

Zakry Sulisto works as a successful and wealthy stock entrepreneur. Not only that, Zakry, who is known to be from Aceh, also serves as CEO of a company located in the South Jakarta area.

3 Figures that are quite closed

The figure of Zakry, who is well known among businessmen, is not yet well known to the public. The proof is that when Velove announced their marriage, many people were curious about the figure of her husband. Acara televisi

Zakry is known to have an Instagram account with the account name Zakry.s. Unfortunately the account is private so not everyone can freely view the upload.

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Two Weeks Since Vanessa Angel’s Funeral, Nicky Tirta Still Not Able To Visit

Two weeks ago, Vanessa Angel and her husband, Aunt Andriansyah, were buried at the Malacca Islamic TPU.

The husband and wife pair died in an accident on the Jombang Toll Road, last November 4.

However, Nicky Tirta is still unable to make a pilgrimage to Vanessa Angel’s grave. Sejarah radio dan televisi

It’s still hard for Nicky Tirta to go on a pilgrimage to Vanessa’s grave who once stayed in his heart.

He doesn’t know when he will be able and brave to go on a pilgrimage, but what is certain is that in the near future Nicky is not ready.

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“Until now, if asked, for example, whether I have been to his grave or not, I have not,” said Nicky Tirta in Gandarita City, South Jakarta, Friday (11/19/2021). Siaran radio

Nicky Titrta is happy because many make a pilgrimage to the grave of his former lover.

However, Nicky needs time alone if he later ventures to make a pilgrimage to Vanessa’s grave.

“Because there must be a lot of people there, but I don’t want to be (crowded),” said Nicky.

“I want to be alone because I really want to see (the grave),” he continued. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

[Nicky Tirta was in shock and immediately went blank when he heard the news of Vanessa’s accident that caused the deceased to die.

Even Nicky, who at that time was with his son, immediately went blank, his mind was confused between sadness and disbelief.

The relationship between Nicky Tirta and Vanessa is still maintained even though they are both happy with their respective partners. Acara televisi

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Heboh Film ‘All Too Well’ Taylor Swift, Ini Respons Jake Gyllenhaal

The song and short film All Too Well from Taylor Swift immediately became trending after being released some time ago.

All Too Well is said to tell the story of Swift’s love journey with her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.

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The farewell song has scathing lyrics that satirize Jake. As a result, the release of Swift’s latest work immediately became a public talk. Sejarah radio dan televisi

Since its release, the name of the Spider-Man: Far from Home actor has immediately become trending on several social media. After a long silence, Jake finally gave a response to this.

A source said Jake Gyllenhaal was not at all interested and did not read any news. Siaran radio

“Jake isn’t interested in any of that. He doesn’t read the gossip or pay attention to it,” a source said.

The source added that the actor is now only focusing on himself and ignoring any unpleasant words from the public.

“He lives his life and focuses on himself. He ignores all the noise,” he added.

Meanwhile, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jake’s sister, admitted that many people had asked about the whereabouts of the red scarf that Swift had left at her house. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

“You know, I never understood why everyone was asking me about this scarf. What’s this?,” Maggie quoted E! News.

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal were dating in 2010. The relationship lasted only three months. Acara televisi

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Before Blowing Her Last Breath, Vanessa Angel Had To Do This To The Son, Witness: Yes, I Saw His Hand.

The departure of Vanessa Angel and her husband last Thursday (4/11/2021), of course, left many people sad.

Not only in the hearts of family and friends, fans of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah are also sad.

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How come? So far, Vanessa Angel and her husband are known as a humorous and tough couple. Sejarah radio dan televisi

If we look back a little, Vanessa is also a tough woman.

In a video on Denny Sumargo’s YouTube channel (28/7/2021), Vanessa said that she had to drop out of school to support her family. Siaran radio

The story begins when Vanessa Angel’s father sees his son has great potential to become a famous artist in Indonesia.

Therefore, since she was a teenager, Vanessa has participated in photo shoots with various magazines.

“Actually, I don’t want to be an artist. It’s not what I want, I used to be a tomboy, playing hot basketball,” Vanessa said.

Until finally, Vanessa managed to get into artist management and she had to quit school to support her family.

One thing that makes Vanessa disappointed is that she does not know the amount of honor she receives. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

All of Vanessa’s hard-earned money is managed by her father because Vanessa is still young.

At that time, Vanessa felt sad because she lost her youth because she had to work. Acara televisi

“How come I’m told to keep looking for money, but why can’t I play? How come I can’t go to school? I can’t get my rights but I always have to do my obligations,” Vanessa said, quoted by from

Apart from that, there is a more heartbreaking story than the fatal accident that resulted in Vanessa and Bibi’s death.

According to eyewitnesses who were at the scene, Aris Salim, a pineapple trader, admitted to witnessing these touching moments.

Aris Salim said that Vanessa gave her son Gala Sky Ardiansyah the last wave before taking his last breath.

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Ever Traumatized Setting Feet in Surabaya, Vanessa Angel ‘Licks Your Own Saliva’, Milano Lubis Shocked

Milano Lubis tells the story of Vanessa Angel, the wife of Aunt Ardiansyah, who was traumatized by setting foot in Surabaya, East Java.

As a friend, Milano Lubis knows very well that Vanessa does not want to return to Surabaya.

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It can’t be separated from Vanessa Angel’s past who was caught in legal trouble in the city. Sejarah radio dan televisi

“So he promised not to set foot again in Surabaya because he was traumatized,” Milano Lubis told the media recently.

Milano admitted that he was surprised when he saw Vanessa’s post, who had uploaded a photo in Surabaya.

[“I saw that there was a post, didn’t I. So I thought, why did he dare to go there? He’s not afraid to go to Surabaya?” he said. Siaran radio

Then, Milano was shocked when he received news that Vanessa died in a single accident on the Mojokerto-Jombang Toll Road, East Jaea with Bibi Ardiansyah, while heading to Surabaya.

“Tomorrow afternoon, oh, I’m sorry I said that. It was really hard. Because she (Vanessa) violated what she said,” he said.

However, Milano did not feel that the death of Vanessa Angel and her husband, Aunt Ardiansyah, was an unavoidable destiny of Allah SWT. Acara televisi

[“Just pray for the best for Vanessa and Aunt. May you be husnul khotimah,” said Milano Lubis.

Previously, Vanessa Angel and Bibi Ardiansyah died in a single traffic accident on the Mojokerto-Jombang Toll Road, East Java, Thursday (4/11/2021) afternoon.

Vanessa Angel and Bibi Ardiansyah had an accident while they were on their way to Surabaya, East Java along with a driver named Tubagus Joddy, Siska’s caregiver, and Gala Sky Ardiansyah.

However, Tubagus Joddy, Siska, and Gala Sky Ardiansyah survived the accident on the toll road and only suffered injuries. The victims who died were Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah have been buried in one grave at the TPU Malaka Islamic Center, Ulujami, South Jakarta, Friday (5/11/2021) morning.

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Before going to Surabaya, Vanessa Angel Gives a Surprise to the Gala Caregiver

Vanessa Angel and Febri Ardiansyah aka Bibi gave sweet memories to Ida Wida, the caretaker of Gala Sky Ardiansyah. Just before leaving for Surabaya, East Java, Vanessa and Bibi still had time to give a birthday surprise to their caregiver. Sejarah radio dan televisi

“At 5 am before leaving, my mother gave me a birthday surprise,” recalled Ida Wida when met at the funeral home in Kembangan, West Jakarta, Saturday (6/11).

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Ida Wida never thought that Vanessa Angel and Bibi would die at a young age due to an accident. He was very surprised when he heard the news. He could hardly believe it. In his eyes, the married couple who had just been blessed with one child were good people and had concern for others. Siaran radio

He added that a number of people thought that Ida Wida was going to Surabaya with Vanessa and Bibi. “The other (caregiver) who joins,” said the woman wearing the hijab.

Ida Wida is grateful that in the midst of the deadly tragedy that occurred, Gala’s life was saved and she did not experience serious problems with her health condition. Acara televisi

He also asked the public to pray for Vanessa Angel and Bibi so that they would have a good place with God. In addition, Ida Wida also asked for prayers for the Gala.

“Just pray that Gala gets well soon and she can be sincere about this incident,” he said.

As previously reported, Vanessa Angel and her husband, Febri Andriansyah, had an accident at KM 672+400A Jombang Toll Road, East Java towards Surabaya, Thursday (4/11) afternoon, around 12.36 WIB. As a result of this incident, Vanessa and Febri died.

The bodies of Vanessa Angel and Bibi were taken from Surabaya to Jakarta by road, Thursday night. Their bodies were then buried in the Malacca Ulujami Islamic Cemetery, Pesanggrahan South Jakarta, Friday (5/11) morning. Both were buried side by side in a coffin. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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It’s like a hunch, Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah apparently left this message for their beloved baby who is now an orphan: Gala, hopefully when you watch this mommy is still there..

The sad news of Vanessa Angel’s death with her husband, Aunt Ardiansyah, still seems difficult to accept. The accident that caused Vanessa Angel to die with Aunt Ardiansyah clearly left a deep sorrow for those closest to them. Moreover, their only son who lost both parents at once after Vanessa Angel died with Aunt Ardiansyah. The death of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah clearly made Gala automatically become an orphan. Some of Vanessa Agel’s old videos have gone viral again. One of them is a video containing Vanessa and Bibi’s message for their only son, Gala. Launching Instagram @nyonya_gossip, Friday (11/5/2021), the old video of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah for their son is back viral. Sejarah radio dan televisi

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Acara televisi Bak had a hunch, through the video, Vanessa and Bibi gave a touching message to their son. “Hey Gala, I hope you watch this mommy is still around,” Vanessa said, quoted from Instagram @nyonya_gossip. “Still,” said Aunt. Seeing his wife seemed to calm down, Auntie gave her message first. Bibi reveals how much Vanessa struggles to be a good mother to Gala. “Gal, whatever your mom does, trust me, she does the best in her life for you,” said Aunt. In fact, Aunt asked her son later to love his mother more than himself. “He was even in prison forcing his breast milk for you, whatever he did was all for you, he loves, he loves you, all for you. Siaran radio

Please love him, respect him, more than you value your papa, thank you, son,” added Aunt. While wiping tears, Vanessa also expressed her love for Gala. “Whatever mommy did in the past, I hope Gala can understand, If mommy loves Gala, I hope Gala is proud of her,” said Vanessa. Vanessa also hopes that her son will understand his struggles and forgive all his mistakes first. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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Chronology of Sabrina Chairunnisa Deddy Corbuzier’s Girlfriend Food Poisoning

Celebrity celebrity Sabrina Chairunnisa, who is now Deddy Corbuzier’s girlfriend, has just announced her health condition after admitting to having food poisoning. The former Miss Indonesia 2011 finalist shared the chronology of the events that night that forced her to be rushed to the hospital. Sejarah radio dan televisi

What was the experience of Sabrina Chairunnisa who became helpless because of the food she consumed in a restaurant? Check out the full news below, guys.

Through his Instagram account @sabrinachairunnisa_, the figure who is an influencer in the beauty field considers the end of October 2021 as the worst Halloween. Not because of the terrible costume he was wearing, but he had just been poisoned by the food he consumed. Siaran radio

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“The horror of Halloween in 2021, it was really like a nightmare last Saturday all day, it really felt like I was going to die because of food poisoning,” wrote Sabrina Chairunnisa, quoted from her Instagram, Monday, November 1, 2021.

Sabrina advised her followers that when they find food that feels strange, don’t hesitate to complain. Furthermore, he added, when eating out of the house, you must always pay attention to cleanliness.

“We have to be more aware. Especially if there is a strange taste in your food, it’s better to complain. Don’t use it doesn’t taste good. Or afraid of being wasted. If you think about yesterday, it feels like (sick emoticon). The ending is like me (sick emoticon) today, it’s much better. Thanks for suspecting me from yesterday because I’ve been missing all day, you guys are healthy,” he continued. Acara televisi

In the Reels video that she shared, Sabrina Chairunnisa explained in more detail the chronology until she got food poisoning. The incident began when Sabrina was eating at a restaurant with her father on Friday, October 29, 2021.

“So Friday night I ate at a famous restaurant in the South Jakarta mall. Then I ordered a sweet porridge dessert with coconut milk. When I ate it, I told my papa and my cousin. How come the porridge is weird, not good but not delicious strange,” explained Sabrina Chairunnisa. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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Give support to Rachel Vennya in the midst of the case of escaping from the Athlete’s House, Okin Meets Ex-wife

Niko Al Hakim alias Okin shows a portrait of his togetherness with his ex-wife Rachel Vennya who is entangled in a legal case related to escaping from the athlete’s homestead. The moment of togetherness with Rachel Vennya was shared by Okin through his personal Instagram account @okintph, Wednesday (27/8/2021). Sejarah radio dan televisi

In the photo, Okin and Rachel Vennya are not alone. The former husband and wife also brought their two children, Xabiru Oshe Al Hakim and Aurorae Chava Al Hakim. Okin and Rachel Vennya are seen taking a position flanking Xabiru and Chava in the photo. Rona is happy also radiated from the faces of Rachel Vennya, Okin and their two children. Not much was conveyed by Okin in his upload. Siaran radio

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The man who had stumbled upon a scandal with Adhisty Zara just said he would be family forever with Rachel Vennya. “Fam forever,” Okin wrote in his upload. Acara televisi

As is known, Rachel Vennya is in the middle of a legal case because of her alleged act of running away from Wisma Atlet with her boyfriend and her manager. At that time, Rachel Vennya, her lover and manager, was in quarantine after returning from the United States. Rachel Vennya, her lover, Salim Nauderer also his manager, Maulida had his first examination at Polda Metro Jaya on Thursday Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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Naif Chaos Disbanded, Jarwo: I Wasn’t Invited To Chat

Fajar Endra Taruna or who is familiarly called Jarwo Naif admitted that he was surprised after receiving a letter to disband his band. This long-haired guitarist also felt there was an indication of coercion to sign the letter.

The letter for the disbandment of the Naif band was later discovered on behalf of two of its members, Emil and Pepeng. The letter was also sent by courier. Siaran radio

Jarwo Claims Not To Be Involved In Discussion Of Band Disbandment

The Relationship of David and Former Naive Personnel Post-Disband

Ramdhan Alamsyah as the legal counsel assessed that the letter that Emil and Pepeng sent to his client contained an element of coercion. The famous lawyer even called the two former Naif personnel like enemies in a blanket to the client. Sejarah radio dan televisi

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“Even though behind their backs, those who did not have good intentions forced Jarwo to sign (the letter) Naif disbanded. He didn’t talk like friends but like enemies under a blanket,” said Ramdhan Alamsyah, in the Bintaro area, South Tangerang.

Responding to this, Jarwo admitted that he was surprised. Jarwo assessed that the decision to disband the band Naif seemed one-sided.

The reason is, this year’s guitarist feels that he is not involved in the disbandment of the Naif band. Because of that, Jarwo refused to sign the letter.

“Well, what if the letter came because the organizers wanted to hire Naif, we just gave this letter. When I read this official letter, Naif was disbanded, not vacuum. Then they all signed, I wasn’t invited to talk about that matter. ,” explained Jarwo Naif. Acara televisi

This seasoned guitarist also revealed the reason the two personnel left Naif. Jarwo said that Emil and Pepeng collided with other matters beyond the interests of the band.

“It’s as clear as they want to have other business. If I’m not mistaken, he resigned in March 2021,” closed Jarwo.

Jarwo now maintains his own band Naif. Jarwo has officially registered Naif’s name with the Intellectual Property Rights (HKI) institution. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Identity Revealed, Has Worked on TV

Actor Kim Seon Ho has recently been caught up in a scandal. He allegedly forced his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion after getting her pregnant. Siaran radio

Shortly after the rumors circulated, Kim Seon Ho oun released an apology to the public regarding this case. Later the identity of the former lover of the drama star Hometown Cha Cha Cha was revealed

“Isn’t he Choi XX who just quit his job at XXX?” said one citizen in an online forum as reported by KBIZoom, Wednesday (20/10/2021).

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It didn’t take long, netizens finally traced the figure behind the name. She is Choi Young Ah, a former weather news presenter at KBS television station. Although never officially revealed their relationship. Choi Young Ah is known to have a dog that bears the combined name of Young Ah and Seon Ho. Sejarah radio dan televisi

Choi Young Ah herself is a presenter born in 1985 who had worked at the YTN television station before moving to KBS. Known as a beautiful and intelligent figure, many people even dubbed Young-Ah as one of the presenters with the best fashion sense. Acara televisi

Now, after netizens echoed Choi Young Ah’s name and linked it to the Kim Seon Ho scandal, the former presenter is known to have closed and hidden all of his social media accounts; a move that made netizens even more convinced that their guess this time was correct. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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The Story of Princess Anne Becomes a Convert, Wears Hijab after Marrying Arya Saloka

Who doesn’t know Princess Anne? She is the wife of one of the famous soap opera actors, Arya Saloka. Interestingly, Princess Anne turned out to be a Christian who is now a convert.

In fact, it is reported that Princess Anne converted to Islam long before she married Arya Saloka, namely in 2016. Meanwhile, Princess Anne and Aldebaran got married in 2017. This was revealed by the mother of one child when she was a guest star on a television station program. Siaran radio

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In the event, Princess Anne admitted openly that she was a convert and had just become a Muslim.

“I also happen to be a convert, new (to convert), maybe the converts ended last year’s Eid, yes,” said Princess Anne, quoted from Difa Difaa’s YouTube account, Sunday (17/10/2021). Sejarah radio dan televisi

Initially, Princess Anne did not immediately wear the hijab when she converted to Islam. However, after marrying Arya Saloka, he made up his mind and chose to wear the hijab. Acara televisi

Putri Anne is one of the Indonesian artists who has starred in several films and soap operas. One of the films he starred in was ‘Criminal’, in 2015. He first played in a soap opera titled Half Me. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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Krisdayanti Builds a Church That Almost Collapsed After Being Visited by a Pastor Last Year

Krisdayanti and tolerance seemed inseparable. He never hesitated to congratulate other religious people who were celebrating a big day. In fact, most recently, he rebuilt the church. Siaran radio

This touching story began when the singer of “Counting the Days” and “Try To Be Faithful” was visited by a priest from the outskirts of Malang district. He talked about the condition of his church.

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The house of worship and its office are said to have nearly collapsed. Far from worthy of worship. The priest’s outpouring moved the diva’s heart. Movie star Falling in Love Again takes real steps. Sejarah radio dan televisi

To find out the truth of the information circulating, please WhatsApp to the number 0811 9787 670 just by typing the desired keyword.

Krisdayanti renovated the church and its office so that local Christians can worship safely and comfortably. This moment was immortalized on his verified Instagram account, Thursday (14/10/2021). Acara televisi

“Last year, a priest from the end of Kab. Malang, Sidoasri Village approached me, telling me that in the village the condition of the Church and the Tambakasri Jamaat Christian Church Office is far from WORTH,” he wrote. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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Yulita MasterChef Uncovers Ussy’s Real Traits Sulistiawaty: Didn’t Expect It After Meeting!

Yulita Intan Sari alias Yulita MasterChef Indonesia had the opportunity to meet Ussy Sulistiawaty. At that moment, the figure who is also familiarly called Mama Lita revealed Ussy’s true nature and revealed what she felt when she met her idol. Siaran radio

Frankly, Yulita said that she had been a follower of Ussy Sulistiawaty for a long time because she liked Ussy’s daily life as a mother and wife. Unexpectedly, Yulita was even more surprised when she was able to meet Andhika Pratama’s wife directly.

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Yulita did not expect that Ussy was a very humble person and was able to make her meeting moments so intimate through every conversation. Sejarah radio dan televisi

“I’ve been following sis @ussypratama for a long time because I like to see her daily life, it really describes the real life of a mother and wife. And I didn’t expect that after meeting, it turned out that the person was really that humble. We were warmly welcomed, we immediately felt intimate,” said Yulita. Acara televisi

Not only that, Yulita also exposed other unexpected incidents that Ussy Sulistiawaty did to her.

“You know, even the one who DMed me first, Kak Ussy, invited me to cook together. Honestly, I was surprised that guys DM-in idols, but my heart was happy and cheerful,” added Yulita.

Not wasting time, Yulita also invited Ussy Sulistiawaty to take a photo together. A happy smile appeared on Yulita’s face when she received an embrace from Ussy.

Meanwhile, Ussy was seen responding to Yulita’s rant while joking a little. Ussy did not forget to pray for Yulita’s success.

“Hahahahaaaa fellow cooks have to stick together. The difference is, you’re a real chef, I’m a fake chef (laughing emoticon). Btw, thank you sooo much for the recipe yesterday, sooo endulita ulala, success for you, success for your business, stay healthy mama Litaaaaa, ‘ Ussy responded. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

The netizens who witnessed the moment of Yulita’s meeting with Ussy were also proud and gave praise.

“Ihhh you… to be honest, I’m really proud of you,” commented netizens.

“Mamita is sooooooo beautiful,” added another.

Berita Televisi Terkini

Nindy Ayunda’s ex-husband is free from prison, insists he doesn’t cheat

Mantan suami Nindy Ayunda Askara Parasady Harsono telah dibebaskan. Hal itu terungkap saat Askara ditangkap saat menghadiri acara di hotel Fairmont, Jakarta Selatan, Minggu (10/10/2021). Siaran radio

Askara Parasady Harsono juga mengaku baru dibebaskan dari LP Cipinang, Jakarta Timur sejak Jumat 8 Oktober lalu.

“Saya resmi dibebaskan dua hari lalu, tanggal 8,” kata Askara Parasady Harsono di Hotel Fairmont, Minggu (10/10/2021).

Read More: Because of this photo Agnez Mo’s girlfriend is rumored to have changed religion

Mantan suami Nindy Ayunda itu diketahui divonis total 11 bulan penjara karena penyalahgunaan narkoba, kepemilikan senjata api secara ilegal, dan kekerasan dalam rumah tangga terhadap istrinya. Askara Parasady Harsono mengaku sudah menyetujui vonis tersebut. Sejarah radio dan televisi

“Saya pernah ke sana, saya total 9 bulan (kasus narkoba) dan 2 bulan (kasus KDRT), jadi total 11 bulan dan 2/3 masa hukumannya adalah 9 bulan, jadi saya 9 bulan. “, telah menjelaskan.

Nindy Ayunda dan Askara Parasady Harsono.

Mantan suami Nindy Ayunda itu pun menepis tudingan perselingkuhan dengan hukuman penjaranya. Dia menekankan bahwa tidak ada cara licik untuk meringankan hukuman dan kebebasannya.

“Jadi tidak ada nama yang aneh-aneh, tidak ada reproduksi,” bantahnya.

Bahkan, Askara Parasady Harsono juga mengajaknya untuk mengecek kebebasannya dengan Padre. Dia mengakui bahwa kebebasannya bersyarat. Acara televisi

“Kalau bilang belum waktunya ya sudah waktunya, kalau ngomong ke padres juga ya silakan, karena saya ambil masa percobaan dan sudah waktunya,” kata Askara.

Mantan suami Nindy Ayunda Askara Parasady Harsono dijatuhi hukuman 9 bulan penjara dan denda Rs 10 juta pada bulan Juni untuk obat-obatan dan kepemilikan senjata api secara ilegal.

Pada 21 September, majelis hakim Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Selatan memvonis Nindy Ayunda dua bulan penjara sehubungan dengan Kasus Kekerasan Dalam Rumah Tangga (KDRT). Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Berita Terkini

Because of this photo Agnez Mo’s girlfriend is rumored to have changed religion

Pacar Agnez Mo, Adam Rosyadi mendadak menjadi perbincangan di media sosial. DIa ramai-ramai diisukan pindah agama dari Islam dan mengikuti sang kekasih yakni Kristen. Siaran radio

Hal tersebut diduga terjadi lantaran unggahan Adam Rosyadi di Instagramnya baru-baru ini. Dalam unggahan tersebut, sang model terlihat menampilkan tiga buah foto kolase.

Read More: Separately, Marlina Did Not Have Strong Sex Dozens Of Times With Taqy Malik’s Father

  • Nora Alexandra Ungkap Harapan di Ulang Tahun Pernikahan ke-2: Jauh-jauh dari Masalah
  • Soal Kabar Keretakan Rumah Tangga, Shandy Aulia: Itu Ranah Sangat Pribadi

Salah satu diantaranya, potret dirinya yang tengah berbaring tanpa menggunakan baju dan memperlihatkan tato mirip lambang salib pada punggungnya. Tak hanya itu, ia juga sempat memperlihatkan foto sang kekasih saat tengah menggunakan topi dan masker. Sejarah radio dan televisi

“Pict’s,” tulis Adam pada unggahannya seperti dikutip dari Instagram, Jumat (8/10/2021).

Unggahan Adam langsung ramai dikomentari netizen dan menimbulkan beragam komentar. Bahkan guru sekolah Adam saat menempuh pendidikan di Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan (SMK) juga sempat ikut mengomentari foto tersebut.

“Semoga kamu selalu dilindundi Allah SWT,” tulis akun @kemal.rajha. Acara televisi

“Masih ingat sama kelas ibu dulu mas Adam di SMK? Semoga tetap melekat Iman Islam Ihsan nya ya mas,” tulis akun @sunny_afrilia yang diduga guru Adam. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga


Separately, Marlina Did Not Have Strong Sex Dozens Of Times With Taqy Malik’s Father

Foto: Palevi/detikHOT

Marlina Oktoria dan Mansyardin Malik, ayah Taqy Malik, terus menjadi berita utama setelah pernikahan mereka menjadi viral.

Marlina, yang akhirnya memilih untuk berpisah, terus menyebarkan berbagai informasi tentang perilaku seksual menyimpang Mansyardin.

Read More: Indra Bekti laughs Netizen Compare Lesti Kejora and Aurel Hermansyah Body

Mantan model seksi itu mengungkapkan bahwa Mansyardin selalu berhubungan seks dengan anak-anak sehingga menyebabkan kerusakan pada organ punggung Marlina. Siaran radio

“Ada kerusakan dari hasil visum klien kami (Marlina). Ada kerusakan yang sangat signifikan di bagian belakang (anus), hingga stadium 4,” kata Eri Kartanegara, kuasa hukum Marlina di kawasan Senopati, kawasan Selatan, Jakarta, beberapa waktu lalu. yang lalu.

Sekarang, Marlina mengatakan bahwa ayah Taqy Malik memintanya untuk berhubungan seks 10 kali sehari.

Permintaan itu, kata Marlina, begitu berat hingga ia semakin bertekad untuk berpisah dengan suaminya. Sejarah radio dan televisi

Mansyardin juga menjelaskan tudingan Marlina tentang keinginannya berhubungan seks puluhan kali dalam sehari.

Tanpa menyangkal atau memberikan klarifikasi, Mansyardin memilih bijak dalam menjelaskan bahwa urusan dalam negeri tidak boleh menjadi konsumsi publik. Acara televisi

“Saya bilang setiap keluarga punya rahasia, jadi istilahnya keluarga cukup untuk konsumsi suami istri, masalah hubungan, termasuk hubungan intim,” kata Mansyardin saat ditemui di Polda Metro Jaya, Senin (4/10). Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Berita Terkini

Indra Bekti laughs Netizen Compare Lesti Kejora and Aurel Hermansyah Body

Indra Bekti tak kuasa menahan tawa saat mengetahui apa yang dilakukan warganet. Banyak yang membandingkan perut Lesti Kejora yang lebih besar dari Aurel Hermansyah. Siaran radio

“Ya Tuhan, netizen benar-benar hahaha. Semua netizen punya hak, jika melihat Dede lebih tua, semoga bayinya sehat,” cekikikan Indra Bekti di Cikini, pusat kota Jakarta, Sabtu (10 Februari 2021).
Potret Hamil Lesti Kejora dengan Aurel Hermansyah, Paula

“Mudah-mudahan kita tidak menilai itu, ya? Karena kamu hamil lebih awal, bayinya sehat,” lanjutnya.

Presenter berusia 43 tahun itu tak melanjutkan ucapannya soal berita partisan istri Rizky Billar itu. Bukannya dihebohkan dengan kabar bahwa Lesti Kejora hamil duluan, ia justru memberikan dukungannya. Sejarah radio dan televisi

Read More: News that Chef Chandra will marry soon, Tamara Bleszynski asks for prayer

“Agar Leslar bersabar, hanya saja kalau di atas, ujiannya semakin berat ya, apa lagi senangnya di sini,” jelasnya.
Presenter Indra Bekti saat berfoto di kawasan Tendean, Jakarta.

“Sabar. Jawab sebijaksana mungkin, kabari saya untuk kabar baik,” tambahnya.

Lebih lanjut, Indra Bekti berharap agar komentar warganet tidak memprovokasi Lesti Kejora dan Rizky Billar. Indra Bekti menyarankan agar pengantin baru fokus pada karir mereka. Acara televisi

“Jangan terpancing, teruslah bekerja. Yang penting tetap bahagia dan mencintai diri sendiri. Jaga bayi juga. Berpikir positif tidak boleh menjadi beban. Jika ada sesuatu yang ingin dikatakan, itu harus secerdas mungkin,” jelasnya.

Rizky Billar dan Lesti Kejora menikah pada Agustus 2021. Namun mereka baru saja mengaku menikah di sebuah acara awal tahun ini. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Pengakuan Rizky terungkap di tengah kehamilan Lesti Kejora. Belakangan, netizen dihebohkan karena perut Lesti dianggap terlalu besar untuk ukuran ibu hamil.

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