Nagita Slavina’s second child towel and Raffi Ahmad highlighted netizens, the price was unexpected

Born as the second child of the artist’s pair Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad, Baby R who was newborn today has stolen the attention of the general public including netizens in the virtual universe of course. Sejarah radio dan televisi Like the style of the mother’s appearance which is always highlighted and a lot of […]

Feeling cheated, Aunt Andriansyah’s father is angry with Doddy Sudrajat

Faisal, the father of the late Aunt Andriansyah, was furious and cursed his mother, Doddy Sudrajat. Faisal admitted that he was upset because he felt that Doddy was playing with the rights of Gala Sky’s guardian Andriansyah, Vanessa and Bibi’s only son. Sejarah radio dan televisi The reason is that Doddy is now questioning custody, […]

Revealed the figure of Zakry Sulisto, husband of Velove Vexia, a wealthy businessman from Aceh

The beautiful actress Velove Vexia recently announced her marriage to the man she loves. She uploaded an intimate photo with her husband on her personal Instagram account on Tuesday (23/11/2021). Sejarah radio dan televisi Artists and netizens flocked to congratulate Velove’s wedding. Read More: Two Weeks Since Vanessa Angel’s Funeral, Nicky Tirta Still Not Able […]

Two Weeks Since Vanessa Angel’s Funeral, Nicky Tirta Still Not Able To Visit

Two weeks ago, Vanessa Angel and her husband, Aunt Andriansyah, were buried at the Malacca Islamic TPU. The husband and wife pair died in an accident on the Jombang Toll Road, last November 4. However, Nicky Tirta is still unable to make a pilgrimage to Vanessa Angel’s grave. Sejarah radio dan televisi It’s still hard […]

Heboh Film ‘All Too Well’ Taylor Swift, Ini Respons Jake Gyllenhaal

The song and short film All Too Well from Taylor Swift immediately became trending after being released some time ago. All Too Well is said to tell the story of Swift’s love journey with her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. Read More: Before Blowing Her Last Breath, Vanessa Angel Had To Do This To The Son, Witness: […]

Before Blowing Her Last Breath, Vanessa Angel Had To Do This To The Son, Witness: Yes, I Saw His Hand.

The departure of Vanessa Angel and her husband last Thursday (4/11/2021), of course, left many people sad. Not only in the hearts of family and friends, fans of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah are also sad. Read More: Ever Traumatized Setting Feet in Surabaya, Vanessa Angel ‘Licks Your Own Saliva’, Milano Lubis Shocked How come? […]

It’s like a hunch, Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah apparently left this message for their beloved baby who is now an orphan: Gala, hopefully when you watch this mommy is still there..

The sad news of Vanessa Angel’s death with her husband, Aunt Ardiansyah, still seems difficult to accept. The accident that caused Vanessa Angel to die with Aunt Ardiansyah clearly left a deep sorrow for those closest to them. Moreover, their only son who lost both parents at once after Vanessa Angel died with Aunt Ardiansyah. […]

Chronology of Sabrina Chairunnisa Deddy Corbuzier’s Girlfriend Food Poisoning

Celebrity celebrity Sabrina Chairunnisa, who is now Deddy Corbuzier’s girlfriend, has just announced her health condition after admitting to having food poisoning. The former Miss Indonesia 2011 finalist shared the chronology of the events that night that forced her to be rushed to the hospital. Sejarah radio dan televisi What was the experience of Sabrina […]

Naif Chaos Disbanded, Jarwo: I Wasn’t Invited To Chat

Fajar Endra Taruna or who is familiarly called Jarwo Naif admitted that he was surprised after receiving a letter to disband his band. This long-haired guitarist also felt there was an indication of coercion to sign the letter. The letter for the disbandment of the Naif band was later discovered on behalf of two of […]

Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Identity Revealed, Has Worked on TV

Actor Kim Seon Ho has recently been caught up in a scandal. He allegedly forced his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion after getting her pregnant. Siaran radio Shortly after the rumors circulated, Kim Seon Ho oun released an apology to the public regarding this case. Later the identity of the former lover of the drama […]