Doddy Sudrajat Will Report Fuji to Police for Alleged Defamation, Haji Faisal: We Are Not Afraid

The feud between Doddy Sudrajat and Haji Faisal is heating up. Recently, Doddy Sudrajat wants to report Haji Faisal’s daughter, Fuji, on suspicion of the ITE Law. In this regard, Aunt Ardiansyah’s father responded to the threat. Faisal said that there was nothing wrong in the video uploaded by Fuji. In addition, according to Faisal, […]

The Source of Tariq Halilintar’s Wealth, Income from Youtube to Endorsements

Lately, the source of Tariq Halilintar’s wealth has been widely discussed by netizens. One of the members of the Halilintar Gen family is being talked about because he has an extraordinary income. Gen Halilintar is now one of the influencer families that has a lot of attention. Recently, the name Tariq Halilintar emerged after he […]

Worldly Permantanan Gathering Together, Gading Marten is caught embracing Wijin after breaking up with Gisel while singing the song ‘Go Love’, Feeling the same fate?

Gisella Anastasia and Wijaya Saputra aka Wijin’s love affair finally ran aground in the middle of the road. The news of the breakup of Gisella Anastasia and Wijin, Gisella Anastasia’s nickname and Wijin, even shocked many people. How not, Gisel and Wijin have always been seen together and support each other. Even when Gisel Beset […]

Breakup with Gisel, Wijin Sings ‘pergilah kasih’ with Gading Marten

Wijaya Saputra’s romantic relationship with Gisella Anastasia ran aground. This news has even been confirmed directly by Gisel. Sejarah radio dan televisi Gisel admitted that actually Wijin’s relationship had ended a long time ago. But he just shared the news now. Read More: Asmirandah Opens Up Reasons for Changing Religions, While Crying “Yes, they are […]

Asmirandah Opens Up Reasons for Changing Religions, While Crying

Asmirandah was publicly blasphemed for converting to religion. Eight years after marrying Jonas Rivanno, the actress who is familiarly called Andah dares to be outspoken about her experience of changing religions. Sejarah radio dan televisi Read More: Not Imprisoned for Polite Reasons, Rachel Vennya Makes Netizens Angry and Trending Topic This was revealed by Andah […]

Not Imprisoned for Polite Reasons, Rachel Vennya Makes Netizens Angry and Trending Topic

Rachel Venya and her lover, Salim Nauderer were sentenced to 4 months in prison with 8 months probation. Even though he was found guilty for running away during quarantine, the celebrity two children did not go to jail. Rachel will be jailed if she commits a felony during her eight-month probationary period. In his verdict, […]

Tamara Bleszynski’s Child Doesn’t Know Her Mother Artist: She Only Knows Mama Owns a Stall

Tamara Bleszynski again shows her closeness with her child, Kenzou Lion Bleszynski. They took a photo together under the words “Sweet Tea”, a shop owned by Tamara Bleszynski. Not only showing photos, Tamara Bleszynski also tells the views or assessments of children towards her. According to Tamara, Kenzou does not view his mother as an […]

Gaga Muhammad Arrested After Paralyzing Laura Anna in Accident

Gaga Muhammad is now a defendant in a traffic crime case. Currently, Awkarin’s former lover is also undergoing detention. Sejarah radio dan televisi This was conveyed by the Public Relations of the East Jakarta District Court, Alex Adam Faisal. The trial for the case has also been carried out at the East Jakarta State Court. […]

This is Nikita’s sharp criticism of donations to buy a Rp3 billion Gala House

The house donation for the Gala, which was initiated by the friend of the late Vanessa Angel, Marissya Icha, reaped the pros and cons. Sharp criticism of the donation came from artist Nikita Mirzani. Read More: Nagita Slavina’s second child towel and Raffi Ahmad highlighted netizens, the price was unexpected Nikita actually doesn’t have a […]