Being sued for the origin and livelihood of children, the existence of Bambang Pamungkas is mysterious

Bambang Pamungkas is currently getting the public’s attention regarding him being sued for the problem of legalizing the origin of children and child support. Sejarah radio dan televisi

Bambang Pamungkas was sued by Amalia Fujiawati at the South Jakarta Religious Court on March 18, 2021. Until now there has been no official clarification from the footballer regarding the news that dragged his name.

Reporting from Detikcom, Bambang Pamungkas is currently not at his residence in the Pejaten area, South Jakarta. Security officers at Bambang Pamungkas’ residence said that the former Indonesian National Team player was rarely at his house.

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“The person is out again, not at home,” said a security guard at his residence, Bambang Pamungkas.

“If you want to meet Saturday-Sunday you are usually here, 9-10 in the morning. If you come here for a while, usually, you rarely come here on weekdays,” he continued. Siaran radio

The security guard also said that Bambang Pamungkas and his wife lived in an apartment in the Senayan area close to the GBK stadium.

“He doesn’t live here, he lives in an apartment there with his wife. Yes, sometimes at home here, sometimes there (in the apartment),” he said. Acara televisi

“If his wife follows him (Bepe) continues. What if his wife lives here,” he said again.

The news about the demands of a woman against the footballer who is often called BP, the security officer did not know. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

“(If there is a problem) Only the environment here (who knows), (privacy) does not reach the outside,” he revealed.

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