Mawar de Jongh is feared by her classmates during school because she likes to borrow money

Mawar Eva de Jongh shared stories of her teenage years when she appeared on Armand Maulana’s YouTube channel. On that occasion, Mawar admitted that she was quite famous and feared by her schoolmates. Siaran radio

Mawar is apparently feared because she is known as a debt collector. Mawar’s mother is told about the food catering business at the school. Many of Mawar’s colleagues subscribe, but not a few are absent during payment.

“So my mother used to open a catering business at school, because in the past, it was like we had lessons to study the material, right,” said Mawar. “Well then my brother (Budi) didn’t dare to collect, actually he was the one who was assigned because he was the biggest.” Acara televisi

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Mawar then remembered the moment when her mother suddenly asked her to collect the debt from the upperclassmen. The “More Than My Ego” singer seems to be charging politely.

“Well, every time I eat in the car, seniors who haven’t paid for catering always pass by, so Mom immediately says ‘Mae, Mae, chase it, ask, when will you get paid?'” explained Mawar. “But I’m like, ‘Sis, Sis, when are you getting paid? Mommy asking?'”

Even so, Mawar never managed to collect the debts of her mother’s catering customers. “I don’t (pay) anyway, I still run away, I’m sorry, Sis, if you watch it,” he continued. Sejarah radio dan televisi

Mawar’s sister is told as an idolized figure and became the student council president at that time. As a result, it was Mawar who was in charge of helping her mother collect debts to the fear of her classmates.

“At least he (Rose’s brother) is like a close friend who takes part in catering to his mother’s business, he dares to collect. If for example his classmate Bang Budi is also in high school, he was in middle school at that time, I was the one who asked for it,” concluded Mawar. “That’s why I sometimes meet in the cafeteria when she (Rose’s classmate) sees me, it’s like she’s running away on her own.” Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Hearing Mawar’s story, Armand said it was difficult to collect debts by women. Because men would be reluctant to refuse it. You can do it!

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