Officially divorced, Rachel Vennya’s attorney opens her voice about the money Niko gives to support her children

Rachel Vennya has been declared officially divorced from Niko Al Hakim at the South Jakarta Religious Court today, Tuesday (16/2). This divorce was terminated after Rachel underwent a mediation hearing. Sejarah radio dan televisi

On the other hand, it is also known that Rachel only sued for Niko’s divorce without demanding the property. Even so, Rachel’s attorney, Tesa Prayugi Putra, ensures that there will be no sharing of collective assets.

“Nothing,” said Tesa emphasized, when met after the trial at the South Jakarta Religious Court, Tuesday (16/2). Even so, Tesa explained that Niko would still provide for his two children. Siaran radio

Unfortunately, Tesa did not tell the question of how much money Niko would give to support his children because this had not been discussed. “Yes, there must be, it’s just that it’s still being discussed,” said Tesa.

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Apart from not demanding the question of the property, Tessa also emphasized that her client does not argue about child custody. “Yes, in the beginning, we only sued for divorce, so we just broke up with divorce. There’s nothing else,” said Tessa. Acara televisi

Meanwhile, Rachel herself still refused to comment after undergoing the trial. According to information, the 25-year-old celebgram just bowed silently without answering questions from the media crew. Rachel had apparently done this from the time she got out of the courtroom and got into her car.

Previously, Rachel had spoken about her divorce from Niko Al Hakim. He emphasized that his love for their two children, Xabiru and Chava, would not change even after being divorced from Niko. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

As is known, Rachel Vennya married Niko Al Hakim on January 7, 2017. From this marriage, both of them were blessed with two children, namely Xabiru and Chava.

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