Reportedly dead, this is Ashanty’s wise response to hoax spreaders

Exciting news came from the world of celebrities in the country recently. Ashanty, who is currently undergoing isolation and treatment due to exposure to Covid-19, is reported to have died. The hoax news of Ashanty’s death spread throughout the timeline, and of course it made the community crowded. Sejarah radio dan televisi

The reason is that since Ashanty and her family were infected with the Covid-19 corona, many have been worried about the condition of the artist’s family. Starting from the family, the artist’s relatives, to their fans.

This mother of four children also confirmed the untrue news through stories and Instagram posts. Launching from the @ashanty_ash account, Aurel’s continued mother posted a selfie of herself without make-up, as well as writing several messages to people.

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“Thank you for all the prayers and support, sorry if I can’t reply one thing. But I say very, very thankful from the bottom of my heart .. because of your prayers and support, to make recitation for us even though we don’t know each other, and many other things, “wrote Ashanty. launched from, Monday (1/3), Ashanty’s condition had indeed decreased during being infected with Covid-19. Moreover, the 36 year old woman has a history of autoimmune diseases. But now he has undergone independent isolation at home.

“I was able to get through the critical period yesterday that fluctuated .. and Alhamdulillah, now I have come home from the hospital, it’s much better. Currently I am still recovering until completely healthy, and isolating at home,” he said.

The singer of ‘Jodohku’ knows the news that has spread about her being said to have died. His party immediately confirmed that the news was a hoax. Siaran radio

Ashanty said the news was too sadistic, as quoted by on his Instagram Story.

Not angry and demanding, Ashanty actually thanked the person who spread the hoax news.

“Thank you also for preaching various things about me until my death, Alhamdulillah Allah still gives me the opportunity to live,” he said. Acara televisi

Apart from the hoax news that Ashanty died, there are many assumptions circulating about him. Like he is considered to be too diligent in working until finally infected.

“There are many assumptions and news that are not true, even saying that I work continuously so that is why it hits, if I don’t work, how can other people live? All humans need work … for me who have congenital diseases, of course I am more careful, I’m quite diligent in checking, taking care. protocol, can still be hit too, “

Very aware of the dangers of Covid-19, Ashanty appealed to the public not to underestimate this virus and to tighten health protocols. Always think positive and can fight this disease. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

“Pls keep wearing a mask, keep our immune system, follow health protocols as much as possible !!” concluded Ashanty.

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