Suffering Aura Kasih Celebrates Eid without a Husband

When many artists spend Lebaran moments with their partners, Aura Kasih doesn’t feel it. The singer of Mari Bercinta returned to spend the Lebaran moment with her daughter, Arabella, without a companion.

Last year, when she was still Eryck Amaral’s wife, Aura Kasih was separated from her husband. But now, his divorced status from the Brazilian model is making him back on his own.

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A little vent during Eid, Aura Kasih feels pain in this special moment. Siaran radio

The film star Arini has to drive the car himself. Not to mention, he had to look after the princess because she was not accompanied by a baby sitter.

“There are no servants, no baby sitters, no drivers, no husband,” said Aura Kasih on Instagram Story, Friday (14/5/2021).

Not only driving alone, Aura Kasih even had to carry Arabella. So, be a crossbreed baby on the lap of Aura Kasih when driving the car.

“His son wants to stay, his mother is driving. Bhay,” said the ex-girlfriend of Glenn Fredly.

While holding her child, Aura Kasih chattered, “Bocil!” Acara televisi

This will be Aura Kasih’s first Eid to hold the status of a widow. The singer from Bandung was officially divorced from Eryck Amaral on April 28, 2021.

It’s just that until early May, Aura Kasih had not yet thought about returning to the household. This was said when Morgan Oey’s co-star answered the netizen’s question.

“Are there any plans to get married again or not?” asked the netizen. Sejarah radio dan televisi

“Still traumatized,” replied Aura Kasih briefly.

Aura Kasih’s decision to divorce Eryck Amaral because she felt she was struggling alone. She said that her husband had abandoned her for a long time. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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