Tamara Bleszynski’s Child Doesn’t Know Her Mother Artist: She Only Knows Mama Owns a Stall

Tamara Bleszynski again shows her closeness with her child, Kenzou Lion Bleszynski. They took a photo together under the words “Sweet Tea”, a shop owned by Tamara Bleszynski.

Not only showing photos, Tamara Bleszynski also tells the views or assessments of children towards her. According to Tamara, Kenzou does not view his mother as an artist. Sejarah radio dan televisi

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All this time, Kenzou only knew that his mother was just a woman who owned a shop. Not without reason, Kenzou has this assessment because he did not live in the heyday of Tamara Bleszynski as an artist.

“In Kenzou’s eyes, I am nothing, (not a person) famous, because he did not live in that time or in those days. But he lives in the moment, here, now. And all he knows, that his mother only has warung @tehmanisbali,” wrote Tamara Bleszynski. Siaran radio

Tamara Bleszynski then thanked her baby for always providing such sincere support and love.

“Thank you my dear son, who still loves me and supports me as I am,” wrote Tamara.

A series of netizens were apparently moved to see Tamara Bleszynski’s confession. They also provide support for Tamara. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

“From that time until now, I will always support you, sis @tamarableszynskiofficial because you idolize not only because you are famous and accomplished, but more because your good figure inspires you,” wrote Venny. Acara televisi

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