This is Nikita’s sharp criticism of donations to buy a Rp3 billion Gala House

The house donation for the Gala, which was initiated by the friend of the late Vanessa Angel, Marissya Icha, reaped the pros and cons. Sharp criticism of the donation came from artist Nikita Mirzani.

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Nikita actually doesn’t have a problem with the initiative of the fundraiser, only Nikita mentions that Vanessa Angel’s daughter, Gala Sky Andriansyah, has received a lot of help. Sejarah radio dan televisi

Nikita gives advice to not only focus on Gala alone. The reason is, there are still many other orphans outside who need the help of many people.

Moreover, it is known that donations for the gala house have a target of up to IDR 3 billion. Where the number is quite large. Siaran radio

“That’s actually good, but it would be better if you help people in remote areas, children who need education, it’s hard to even eat,” said Nikita on her Instagram stories, quoted Friday, December 3, 2021.

According to Nikita, Gala is currently being cared for by Vanessa and Bibi’s family, both of whom are still able to work. Nikita assessed that many other orphans had to struggle to be able to eat and seek treatment. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

“They are also orphans. There are also children who have to struggle with their illness. They are also from poor families, who need a lot for treatment. Why don’t you help them,” said Nikita Mirzani.

Not wanting to just focus on the Gala, the mother of three is now opening donations to help other children who are flooded in Kalimantan. This, he did as a form of support to help other children who also need help.

To note, Marissya Icha has opened house donations for Gala since November 26, 2021. It has not been a week since the donations have been opened, the total that has been obtained as of December 2, 2021 has reached Rp. 1.8 billion.

Later, the money from the donation will be used to buy the house that Vanessa and Bibi have been living in. The house has a market price of Rp. 3 billion rupiah. Acara televisi

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