Upcoming Release of Augmented Reality and Smart Glasses Part 1

Kacamata Rayban – According to Mix Parlay, here are 5 out of the 10 upcoming release of AR or Smart Glasses :

1. Moverio BT-200
An augmented reality headset which is able to see HD contents (3D supported). It also improves augmented reality experience when using menang kalah seri applications related to AR. This handset comes with a front facing camera, a motion sensor, a built-in Dolby Digital Plus sound, GPS, microphone, compass and projectors. It works by projecting images at a resolution of 960 × 540 to transparent glass, which allows you to watch videos, play games, surf and more without losing sight of the physical world. Unlike most augmented reality glasses, instead of wireless, it has to be connected to a device based on Android at all times. That’s where all the computing power comes. This allows BT-200 to last 6 hours with impressive specification as a 1.2GHz dual core, 1GB of RAM, drivers for Dolby Digital and a system running on Ice Cream Sandwich Android.

2. ORA-S
Optinvent ORA-S is a see through glasses which enables a variety of augmented applications. They even come with a larger and brighter than that of a Google Glass. ORA-S has two modes when it comes to locating virtual images. AR standard mode allows you to view images at 0 degree angle and the other is called the view mode that allows its user to view from an angle of 20 degrees. To activate them, all you need is to tilt the laptop screen on the right side up to activate the standard AR mode. Tilting down allows Skim mode. This AR glasses comes with specifications such as sound (through audio jack), microphone, orientation sensor, camera, WiFi, 1.2 GHz dual core Cortex ARM microprocessor, memory 1 GB 4 GB DDR flash memory and Android 4.2.2 operation. Since it can be connected to your smartphone or tablet, ORA-S is a good alternative for being a hands-free wearable computer. kacamata murah

3. Icis
These augmented reality glasses like any normal vessels without visibly large component such as a camera. But that does not mean that Icis does not come with a camera. Indeed it does. It even comes integrated with other components such as speaker, microphone, battery, circuit board and everything to look like normal glasses. ICIS can be easily connected to smartphones with Android, iOS and Windows platform using a Bluetooth connection. It is considering creating an application called mks socialFlo that allows you to select the applications you want to see in this Icis as widgets.

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4. Laster SeeThru
Claims to be the first real wireless augmented reality glasses and instead of relying on a camera to gather information about their environment, based only on their own series plus a GPS location to do things. The Laster SeeThru isn’t equipped with a camera to avoid rayban comments concerning invasion of privacy. The SeeThru focuses almost exclusively on sports and activities such as biking, sky diving and sailing among other things. It helps navigate and provides real-time whenever you are doing these activities. SeeThru is packed with features such as wireless access and communication with the smartphone, positioning and navigation, head tracking, and contacts from the phone just to name a few judi bola.

5. GlassUP
There is a general idea that most laptops with screen are basically the second exit for your smartphone or tablet devices. GlassUp wants to be just that. Unlike other products in this niche market, GlassUp only projects in black and white instead of color to improve your battery life. It also shows the projects in the field of vision by making it easier to read your notifications. Some of the features that come with GlassUP ranging from sending paket bola emails to reading RSS feeds. GlassUp can also be used to help the hearing impaired and even receive translations show when speaking in different languages. It is more than a second off your smartphone.