Upcoming Release of Augmented Reality and Smart Glasses Part 2

Kacamata Rayban – Here are the last 5 of the 10 upcoming release of AR or Smart Glasses, cited from Mix Parlay:

6. CastAR
Consists of two things, a pair of glasses and a surface for glasses for scanning. There’s a camera in the middle of the glasses that explores its environment. Then adjusted accordingly to project images through the two micro-projectors installed on top of the frames. You do not need to keep a screen and point to an AR object. Just wear glasses and augmented world is right in front of you. This is a good attempt to save the physical world and the virtual. There is an additional component that makes CastAR unique is called the magic wand that helps you interact with the augmented world. The wand can also be used to move an object increased in the enlarged world allowing you to do something like playing a mks game of augmented reality.

7. Atheer One
These augmented reality glasses are considered as an accessory to their smartphone or tablet devices. These also promote natural interaction where hand gestures can be used to control it. It consists of two screens for each eye almost equivalent to a 26-inch tablet is putting in landscape right in front of your face. Atheer requires an Android device to function, you need to make 2D available on Google PlayStore to be converted into a 3D environment. Because Atheer One shows 3D graphics right in front of your eyes, it’s better to interact with graphics using their hands, and it feels more natural.

8. Meta
It focuses on what does not work in Google Glass. This overlaps with augmented reality on top of your reality. His gestures are identified by Meta so you can freely manipulate 3D objects, which can be treated basically as a clay. Meta also gives you an unlimited number of screens with just grab a piece of paper and video playback therein; making it a flexible computer display type. It aims to give users the ability to be able to make full 3D modeling along the way, using nothing but herself Meta. Its specifications include motion tracking, 3D display high definition 3D surround sound, menang kalah seri camera and lens quality.


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9. K Glass
A visualization project headset that is similar to others, but has a unique technology to it. Unlike the others, K-Glass focuses on replicating the process of how our brains make our environment when information is received from our eyes. Using a technology called Visual Attention Modem (VAM), which classifies visual data relevant and irrelevant, replicating the ability of the human brain. Thus K-Glass can give your users even smarter judi bola augmented reality. Therefore, providing the user with current and relevant information. For example, you are looking for something to eat and end up outside a restaurant, K-Glass can ask for a menu overlay of restaurant’s food. Therefore, you do not have to waste time and effort to get that rayban information.

10. Vuzix M-100
This type of smart glasses help in transmitting information directly to you in a monocular wearable display, similar to Google Glass. Vuzix M-100 also comes with direct-onboard processing features along with a camera so you can capture and display augmented reality. However, its focus is the paket bola business, commercial and medical applications. Vuzix Smart Glasses M-100 is based on Android, so it is compatible with thousands of Android applications. Nuance software also includes voice communication text to help improve voice dictation system M-100. kacamata murah