Worldly Permantanan Gathering Together, Gading Marten is caught embracing Wijin after breaking up with Gisel while singing the song ‘Go Love’, Feeling the same fate?

Gisella Anastasia and Wijaya Saputra aka Wijin’s love affair finally ran aground in the middle of the road. The news of the breakup of Gisella Anastasia and Wijin, Gisella Anastasia’s nickname and Wijin, even shocked many people. How not, Gisel and Wijin have always been seen together and support each other. Even when Gisel Beset by the problem of the exciting video case, Wijin remained loyal to his lover. But what can I say, the rice has turned into porridge and the separation was based on a mutual agreement. Sejarah radio dan televisi

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Even so, Gisel admitted that his relationship with Wijin is still good even though they are no longer a couple. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga Meanwhile, recently launched from the Indosiar YouTube channel which was uploaded on Monday (12/20/2021), after breaking up with Gisel, Wijin was found to have chosen to meet Gading Marten in Bali. For your information, Gading Marten himself is the ex-husband of Gisella Anastasia. On that occasion, a video circulated of Gading Marten and Wijin singing together. Behind the two of them there was also a large Christmas tree decoration and several people singing together. play a musical instrument. Siaran radio

Gading Marten and Wijin even wore matching clothes, namely white. There was no sad expression on Wijin’s face. Wijin and Gading even carried each other when singing a song called ‘Go Love’. Suddenly this surprised the public. In addition, it seems that the song was also sung by Gading Marten after his divorce from Gisel. And now, Wijin and Gading Marten are actually singing it together. Acara televisi

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