Ansara’s Speech Style Is Very Polite, Caca Tengker Is Praised So Much: Salute Her Education

Netizens often highlight the lifestyle of celebrities, including the way they educate their children. Caca Tengker’s parenting is one of the things that often steal the show.

Caca is a hot topic on TikTok because her first child, Ansara, has shown a very polite attitude recently. This was recorded on YouTube by Caca’s mother, Rieta Amilia, which aired on April 1, 2021. Siaran radio

The moment Caca and Rieta cook Balinese culinary with a chef is recorded in the video. At that time, Ansara, who was being carried by her grandmother, asked Caca to move a little because it prevented her from seeing the cooking process.

“Mbak Shawa (Ansara’s nickname) wants to see, please excuse me,” said Ansara, using the less clear pronunciation of the children. “Oh, yes, sorry, yes,” said Nagita Slavina’s sister, answering her first daughter.

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Rieta Amilia then praised Caca and Ansara’s conversation. Raffi Ahmad’s father-in-law praised his grandson’s polite attitude towards his mother. Acara televisi

This snippet is a hot topic of conversation on the TikTok account @ victoriasecreat2. For Caca’s upbringing, for successfully educating her daughter to be a polite figure, she is completely praised.

“Her education was successful. Ms. Caca really used her knowledge of psychology, I was amazed,” said a netizen.

“Psychology children education is different,” said another. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

“Everyone likes the parenting of teeth, it’s the same. But it’s more comfortable and much more amazed by the parenting of Caca. Try to follow it on IG, it’s definitely amazed,” said another.

“Ansara is still young but has a really cool attitude, I salute her upbringing,” concluded another.

Caca Tengker itself is known to really care about education. In February 2020, Nagita Slavina’s younger sister even just graduated from a Masters in Adult Clinical Psychology study. Wuh, this is really polite, Ansara, huh? Sejarah radio dan televisi

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