Feeling cheated, Aunt Andriansyah’s father is angry with Doddy Sudrajat

Faisal, the father of the late Aunt Andriansyah, was furious and cursed his mother, Doddy Sudrajat. Faisal admitted that he was upset because he felt that Doddy was playing with the rights of Gala Sky’s guardian Andriansyah, Vanessa and Bibi’s only son. Sejarah radio dan televisi

The reason is that Doddy is now questioning custody, even trying to apply for guardianship rights to the court. In fact, according to Faisal, initially Doddy had agreed that Gala Sky’s guardianship would be given to Bibi’s family.

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“Well my emotions. Who doesn’t get emotional?” Faisal told reporters recently.

Faisal feels cheated by Doddy Sudrajat. Because after asking for a signature for the disbursement of Vanessa Angel’s death insurance, Doddy Sudrajat changed his mind instead. Siaran radio

“Do you feel cheated? I said, why is that, Mr. Doddy. Yesterday Mr. Doddy acc. to guardianship. Why do you want guardianship now. So what is this called? I am tired of this, Mr. Doddy. I am stressed, my favorite child, my precious child is gone,” said Faisal imitating his conversation with Dody Sudrajat.

Faisal was tired, especially when he found out that Dody Sudrajat had secretly submitted a guardian’s right to the Gala Sky to the court.

“Please, Mr. Doddy, I am tired. This is me trying to help my son and Mr. Doddy’s son. If I don’t speak from the start, I will not be tired of going to court,” said Faisal.

However, Faisal denied that he had cursed Dody Sudrajat. He emphasized that at that time he was angry because he felt that Doddy Sudrajat had cheated.

“We both think. He has won. I feel cheated. He lied. So what can I say. I don’t curse at him. I have signed. Actually if I wanted to tear the signature paper, I would I can. Because my head is hot, I don’t want to go too far, “explained Faisal passionately. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Faisal emphasized that he had no problem with Dody Sudrajat wanting to disburse Vanessa’s deceased insurance, which was in his name.

“I don’t have a problem (about insurance). But after signing, he wants guardianship. Does that mean Mr. Doddy wants everything, right? If he could afford it, there’s been a lot of (bad news about Doddy Sudrajat) so far, how do I hand over my grandson to him,” concluded Faisal. Acara televisi

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