Revealed the figure of Zakry Sulisto, husband of Velove Vexia, a wealthy businessman from Aceh

Suami Velove Vexia (instagram)

The beautiful actress Velove Vexia recently announced her marriage to the man she loves. She uploaded an intimate photo with her husband on her personal Instagram account on Tuesday (23/11/2021). Sejarah radio dan televisi

Artists and netizens flocked to congratulate Velove’s wedding.

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The netizens also wondered about the lucky man who became Velove Vexia’s husband. His figure that does not show his face clearly in the photo makes netizens curious.

Launching from various sources, it is known that the figure of Velove Vexia’s husband is Zakry Sulisto. Check out some interesting information about the following Velove husband. Siaran radio

1 Nephew Suryo B. Sulisto

Zakry Sulisto is suspected to be the nephew of the Commissioner of PT Bumi Resources, Suryo B Sulisto. Based on information from various sources, the kinship is known because racer Imam Sulisto has uploaded several intimate moments of Velove with Zakry and his family.

The figure of Suryo B Sulisto is someone whose name is quite well known in the national arena. He has the position of President Commissioner of PT. Bumi Resources since May 2012.

He also founded the Satmarindo Group and became Chairman of the Honorary Board of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) for the 2015-2020 term. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

2 successful entrepreneurs

Zakry Sulisto works as a successful and wealthy stock entrepreneur. Not only that, Zakry, who is known to be from Aceh, also serves as CEO of a company located in the South Jakarta area.

3 Figures that are quite closed

The figure of Zakry, who is well known among businessmen, is not yet well known to the public. The proof is that when Velove announced their marriage, many people were curious about the figure of her husband. Acara televisi

Zakry is known to have an Instagram account with the account name Zakry.s. Unfortunately the account is private so not everyone can freely view the upload.

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