Give support to Rachel Vennya in the midst of the case of escaping from the Athlete’s House, Okin Meets Ex-wife

Niko Al Hakim alias Okin shows a portrait of his togetherness with his ex-wife Rachel Vennya who is entangled in a legal case related to escaping from the athlete’s homestead. The moment of togetherness with Rachel Vennya was shared by Okin through his personal Instagram account @okintph, Wednesday (27/8/2021). Sejarah radio dan televisi

In the photo, Okin and Rachel Vennya are not alone. The former husband and wife also brought their two children, Xabiru Oshe Al Hakim and Aurorae Chava Al Hakim. Okin and Rachel Vennya are seen taking a position flanking Xabiru and Chava in the photo. Rona is happy also radiated from the faces of Rachel Vennya, Okin and their two children. Not much was conveyed by Okin in his upload. Siaran radio

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The man who had stumbled upon a scandal with Adhisty Zara just said he would be family forever with Rachel Vennya. “Fam forever,” Okin wrote in his upload. Acara televisi

As is known, Rachel Vennya is in the middle of a legal case because of her alleged act of running away from Wisma Atlet with her boyfriend and her manager. At that time, Rachel Vennya, her lover and manager, was in quarantine after returning from the United States. Rachel Vennya, her lover, Salim Nauderer also his manager, Maulida had his first examination at Polda Metro Jaya on Thursday Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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