Naif Chaos Disbanded, Jarwo: I Wasn’t Invited To Chat

Fajar Endra Taruna or who is familiarly called Jarwo Naif admitted that he was surprised after receiving a letter to disband his band. This long-haired guitarist also felt there was an indication of coercion to sign the letter.

The letter for the disbandment of the Naif band was later discovered on behalf of two of its members, Emil and Pepeng. The letter was also sent by courier. Siaran radio

Jarwo Claims Not To Be Involved In Discussion Of Band Disbandment

The Relationship of David and Former Naive Personnel Post-Disband

Ramdhan Alamsyah as the legal counsel assessed that the letter that Emil and Pepeng sent to his client contained an element of coercion. The famous lawyer even called the two former Naif personnel like enemies in a blanket to the client. Sejarah radio dan televisi

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“Even though behind their backs, those who did not have good intentions forced Jarwo to sign (the letter) Naif disbanded. He didn’t talk like friends but like enemies under a blanket,” said Ramdhan Alamsyah, in the Bintaro area, South Tangerang.

Responding to this, Jarwo admitted that he was surprised. Jarwo assessed that the decision to disband the band Naif seemed one-sided.

The reason is, this year’s guitarist feels that he is not involved in the disbandment of the Naif band. Because of that, Jarwo refused to sign the letter.

“Well, what if the letter came because the organizers wanted to hire Naif, we just gave this letter. When I read this official letter, Naif was disbanded, not vacuum. Then they all signed, I wasn’t invited to talk about that matter. ,” explained Jarwo Naif. Acara televisi

This seasoned guitarist also revealed the reason the two personnel left Naif. Jarwo said that Emil and Pepeng collided with other matters beyond the interests of the band.

“It’s as clear as they want to have other business. If I’m not mistaken, he resigned in March 2021,” closed Jarwo.

Jarwo now maintains his own band Naif. Jarwo has officially registered Naif’s name with the Intellectual Property Rights (HKI) institution. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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