Yulita MasterChef Uncovers Ussy’s Real Traits Sulistiawaty: Didn’t Expect It After Meeting!

Yulita Intan Sari alias Yulita MasterChef Indonesia had the opportunity to meet Ussy Sulistiawaty. At that moment, the figure who is also familiarly called Mama Lita revealed Ussy’s true nature and revealed what she felt when she met her idol. Siaran radio

Frankly, Yulita said that she had been a follower of Ussy Sulistiawaty for a long time because she liked Ussy’s daily life as a mother and wife. Unexpectedly, Yulita was even more surprised when she was able to meet Andhika Pratama’s wife directly.

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Yulita did not expect that Ussy was a very humble person and was able to make her meeting moments so intimate through every conversation. Sejarah radio dan televisi

“I’ve been following sis @ussypratama for a long time because I like to see her daily life, it really describes the real life of a mother and wife. And I didn’t expect that after meeting, it turned out that the person was really that humble. We were warmly welcomed, we immediately felt intimate,” said Yulita. Acara televisi

Not only that, Yulita also exposed other unexpected incidents that Ussy Sulistiawaty did to her.

“You know, even the one who DMed me first, Kak Ussy, invited me to cook together. Honestly, I was surprised that guys DM-in idols, but my heart was happy and cheerful,” added Yulita.

Not wasting time, Yulita also invited Ussy Sulistiawaty to take a photo together. A happy smile appeared on Yulita’s face when she received an embrace from Ussy.

Meanwhile, Ussy was seen responding to Yulita’s rant while joking a little. Ussy did not forget to pray for Yulita’s success.

“Hahahahaaaa fellow cooks have to stick together. The difference is, you’re a real chef, I’m a fake chef (laughing emoticon). Btw, thank you sooo much for the recipe yesterday, sooo endulita ulala, success for you, success for your business, stay healthy mama Litaaaaa, ‘ Ussy responded. Peralatan dan Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

The netizens who witnessed the moment of Yulita’s meeting with Ussy were also proud and gave praise.

“Ihhh you… to be honest, I’m really proud of you,” commented netizens.

“Mamita is sooooooo beautiful,” added another.

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